About Us

About Us

Creation of SSFM society start as dream for forensic physician in Saudi Arabia it come true in 2008 ,Saudi Society of Forensic Medicine is a scientific organization that aims to raise the forensic level and contribute to the efforts to develop scientific bases in the Kingdom by holding scientific conferences and seminars training courses on related subjects.

2012 was first international conference of society in Riyadh, attract most recognizable names in forensic medicine and science, the headquarters of the Directorate General of King Fahd Security College in Riyadh


To advance our role as a reliable and innovative leader in the world of forensic medicine.


  1. Educate medical, legal and law enforcement personnel in an environment of high quality.
  2. Increase awareness of forensic medical role to the community.
  3. To work with the court system and other agencies towards the overall goal of reducing social violence and other preventable injury.
  4. To conduct researches in the fields of forensic pathology, forensic science, clinical forensic medicine and associated fields.
  5. Facilitate the exchange of scientific production, and ideas in the forensic field among Saudi society of forensic medicine and other institute inside and outside the Kingdom.
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